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Welcome To Jaloo Company for Caravans

Jaloo Company has over 50 years of experience in the fabrication of caravans, hangers, prefabricated houses and all types of halls in all Iraq and Kurdistan Region since 1969 till now.

What We Do

Jaloo Company provides various products for each project activity. We have caravans, campers, hangers, prefab houses and halls of all kinds.


All types and sizes of sandwich panel caravans and steel containers.


All types and dimensions of steel hangers.

Prefab houses and halls

All types and dimensions of sandwich panel housing units with and without furniture.

Why Choose Us

Professional Staff

An experienced staff over 50 years achieving projects for different targets.

Save Time and Money

Real costs that matches with the desired specifications. Exactly as you want and need.

Detailed Estimated

We take care of all details even that you may not notice them during the work.

On Time Completion

We commits with all our clients to provide our products just in time. No overtime or lately delivery.

No Hidden Costs

You only pay the detailed costs. No addition costs or fees do exist.

Zero Complaints

Jaloo Company is proud to be the company that fully satisfies its clients and have a common work with major activities.

Our Processes

  • Design
  • Preparation
  • Construction
  • Revision
  • Finalization
Designing the suitable caravans for each project and discussing it with the clients before going to the next step.
Preparing desired materials for the designs that was approved previously. We take care of using perfect high quality materials for all projects.
Working as designed and planned to finalize the project with 100% specifications and details.
For any editions and fixes that is needed before finalizing, we commits that we're ready to have any editions and amendments done as desired.
Delivering the project exactly as designed and prepared with all needed fixes and editions just in time.

What Clients Says